Buying vs leasing a new Audi car in Ada County

Buying vs Leasing a new Audi car in Ada County

Buying vs leasing your next Audi. Learn about the difference in choice.

To help you make the best decision for your lifestyle, we compared the benefits of buying and leasing a car at a glance. Which road will you take?

Benefits of Buying

  • Purchase a vehicle for complete ownership, and pay for it over time.

  • Equity builds with ownership

  • No end-of-lease obligations, such as excess wear and tear

  • No mileage or customization restrictions

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms from Audi Financial Services

  • Leasing Benefits

  • Take home a new Audi car for a set amount of time and number of miles, and return it to Audi Boise at the end of your term.

  • May provide lower monthly payments than financing, over a similar term, while driving the latest models

  • Most lease terms provide full warranty protection throughout your lease

  • Ability to turn-in your vehicle for a newer Audi model, or buy your vehicle at a predetermined price at lease maturity

  • Flexible lease terms and a range of mileage options available

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