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  • Ivan Suquet
    Audi General Sales Manager

    Ivan brings a competitive and passionate energy to work. Ivan loves to see the happiness that the car buying experience can bring, and has a relentless mindset to keep Audi as the #1 premium brand in the Treasure Valley. He has 11 years in the business, and has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Idaho.  Ivan loves sports, and is an avid 49er fan. He spends his free time with his beautiful wife Brooke, and his 3 young daughters.  His favorite Audi is a tie between the RS7 & RSGT Etron.

  • Mike Cripe
    Pre-Owned Manager

    20 years in the car business, Mike has a near photographic memory, and has an unparalleled work ethic.  He is extremely detail oriented, and very direct.  Mike is one of one, and we are fortunate to have him.  In his off-time Mike can be found tinkering on his toys in his home shop, and spending time with his two dogs; an American Bully and a Blue Nose Pit. 

  • Paul Blair
    Reconditioning Director

    Paul has been in the automotive business for 35 years.  He is an accomplished musician, and has played all over the United States.  Paul is one of those guys who knows a little about a lot of different things. Often if something comes up and nobody knows the answer, Paul will know. His favorite Audi is the RS6 Avant, and he also likes the SQ5. 

  • Nicholas Gaub
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Nick has several years under his belt in the automotive industry and his background was consumer lending.  With his financial expertise Nick is very efficient with his client's time, and also likes to make the buying experience fun. You cannot go wrong with choosing Nick as your salesman. He has two young children and a beautiful wife that he loves spending time with. His favorite Audi is the RS7.

  • Bill Weaver
    Service Advisor

  • Zoran Lazarevic
    Service Advisor

  • Robert Slaught
    Service Technician

    has 20 years in the business, and is originally from Montana. Rob is a Master guild technician, and before he came to Audi Boise he worked at Audi Bellevue for many years. Always smiling and quick to a joke, he is great company. Rob has a can-do attitude and is an efficient problem solver.  He enjoys many activities in his off time - boating, fishing, and is a fan of baseball and football. He is a family first kinda guy, with 2 children, and is proudly married to his wife of 20 years. 

  • Sergio Villarreal
    Service Technician

    With Audi since 2002, he is also a Master Guild Technician, and loves living in the Treasure Valley with his wife of 20 years, and his two girls. Serge's favorite car to work on and drive is the 2015 S8. Sergio is always willing to lend a hand and labors like a well-oiled machine, a true professional.  He always looks forward to serving our clients and keeping them safe on the road.

  • Derrek Lancaster
    Service Technician

    Derrek is all about his young daughter and his wife, preferring to spend time with them above all else. He has always had a passion for working on cars, which extended to his chosen profession. His favorite Audi is an RS7.  

  • Mace Rogers
    Service Technician

    6 years in the business, Mace is also a true auto enthusiast like many of his fellow contemporaries. He has a fully built WRX among his toys. Mace is the everyone's go to man when it comes to working on employee's cars upgrades.  He is a devoted family man as well and  he has a son with his wife.  He likes to go snowboarding and mtn biking, and his favorite Audi is the RS6 Avant.

  • Austin Miller
    Service Technician

    5 years in the auto business, Austin enjoys spending time with his daughter, and works on his own cars. He has a passion for VW Audi, and has Master guild aspirations, with the Quattro Rally as his favorite Audi. 

  • Johnathan Dam
    Parts Specialist

  • Javier Lopez
    Parts Manager

  • Darin Panda
    General Manager

    Before his 20 years in the automotive business, Darin was a chef and to this day you can catch him cooking a steak for his lunch on the daily. Coming from fixed operations, he understands what it means to put the customer first. A tireless leader, he strives to create a fun, productive, and stress-free work environment. His favorite Audi is the E-tron.

  • Nathan Lloyd
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Having 17 years of experience with Audi gives Nathan exceptional expertise with the brand. When it comes to Audi he truly lives and stands for what the brand is all about. His clients always comment on how "amazing it was." A lover of the outdoors, he enjoys hunting and is an avid skier, however his true joy comes from carving the trails up on his mountain bike, as he was a former professional cyclist. He loves spending time with his family and his son Owen is following in his footsteps by winning almost every BMX bike race he enters. Nathan's favorite Audi is his 2020 RS3.

  • Tony Astley
    Audi Service Director

    It helps when you have a love for cars, and Tony certainly does, whether they are fully built muscle cars, to the souped up RC cars, (he also loves model RC planes and is a member of the local clubs) he is all about it.  He has 24 years in the car industry and his favorite Audi is the new GT Etron. 

  • Gabe Ruiz
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Gabe has 10 solid years in the automotive business.  Hanging with his 4 children brings him joy, whether its going to volleyball, basketball, or softball to watch his daughters, or playing fortnite with his boys. Gabe is also exploring woodworking and its not uncommon to see some of his projects make their way to his customers whom he adores. Gabe heavily values customer service and it is one of the main reasons his clients come back year after year to see him.  Once a year he also runs an all-boys campout where he mentors youth on wilderness survival. His favorite Audi is the S6.

  • Lee Schel
    Audi Brand Specialist

    with 26 years in the automotive industry Lee has seen and done it all.  His extensive background is primarily in the luxury segment and Lee really knows how to roll out the red carpet and deliver that first class experience when purchasing a vehicle. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life, often sharing pictures of gourmet food or exotic locales that he has traveled to. His favorite Audi? The RS5 Sportback. 

  • Ben Campos
    Audi Service Technician

    16 years in auto business, with 10 of those spent with Audi, Ben has a wife and two daughters. He likes mountain biking, snowboarding, and likes to build and work on project cars. His favorite car would be the 1994/1995 Audi RS2 Avant because it was an Audi/Porsche collaboration marking the beginning of "RS" vehicles being wagons and showing what they are capable of.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Audi Service Technician

    15 years of hard work have paid off for this Master guild technician, as Kevin is our shop foreman. An auto enthusiast at heart, he restored a '52 Willy's Jeep among his many other projects. He also enjoys camping, and fishing with his family - 2 kids and his wife. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable, and is our resident problem solver. His favorite Audi is the SQ7.